NKP SZ Hluboká nad Vltavou – interior rehabilitation
Tree pavilion – Czech Univeristy of Life Sciences

Client: Administration of National Park and Nature Conservation Area Šumava

Completion 2015

One-storey partially basement passive house built with an area of 297 m2. The house has its own water treatment plant with a unit for treating drinking water from radon. In front of the building of visitor centre was built a playground. Fencing: in the original forested and partly rocky terrain was fenced around. 2.7 ha with condition of minimum felling of native vegetation. The fence is equipped with electricity and underground plates preventing the abandonment of the enclosure. Footbridges: all-wood construction assembled by stainless steel elements with a total length of approx. 250 meters, 1,8 – 6,5 meters above terrain. Part of the footbridge are also two roofed and one open lookout.