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Revitalization of monastery compound Český Krumlov – compound reconstruction of former monastery of St. Klára

Client: Czech Univeristy of Life Sciences

Completion 2015

Construction of new university building in the vicinity of existing building of Faculty of Forestry. Each floor will not contain only classrooms, social and educational background but also spaces for manual activities of students like workrooms and laboratories equipped with machines and facility for production and testing of wooden or wood-based materials. Layout of the building is based on the categorization of common, teaching, technical and background premises. The object will be served by two elevators: freight – with loading capacity up to 3 tons and a passenger – for the transportation of materials, students and faculty management. Next to the main building will be built an outdoor covered storage for timber. In the basement will be built parking places for 46 cars. Basic information about the capacity: Usable area 5 436 m2 Which contains: Classrooms 649 m2 Workrooms 904 m2 Laboratories 867 m2 Offices 148 m2 Paths 2208 m2 Social equipment 277 m2 Technical premises 383 m2 In the total floor area is not included roof terrace with an area of 465 m2 and 1352 m2 parking area.

Time lapse video of the construction: