The Construction of Cable Channels in the TR WEST, Prague 5 – Motol
Construction of the SLÁVIA Cable Tunnel (SŽDC – Slávia section)

Client: E.ON Servisní, s.r.o.

Completion 2012

The excavation of two shafts with profiles of 3.5 m x 2.8 m and 4.0 m x 2.8 m and a depth of 3.4 m. The excavation of the shaft is in a horseshoe shape (by means of manual rock disintegration); the length of the excavation is 79.18 m, the depth of the excavation is 1.36 m – 2.9 m under the terrain, the excavation surface is 1.94 m2. The shaft passes underneath roads and tram tracks. Cable multichannels (model 9W-42) are also inserted in the shafts, while the inter-space area is filled with a cement mixture