The Revitalisation of the Historic Centre of the Town of Slaný

Mud Removal from the Babylon Pond
Ušovický Stream – Mariánské Lázně, River km 5.00 to 6.31 – repairs and adjustments

Client: The Municipality of Slaný

Completion 2011

The Construction of the Year 2012 in the Central Bohemia Region

This project, which was awarded for being the Construction of the Year 2012 in the Central Bohemia Region, was not exceptional in its size, but as a combination of a variety of technologies and crafts that were utilised and as an attempt to remedy the disrepair of the utilities and of a bridge while mapping the history of the original medieval bridge from the 15th Century and also imprinting a part of the history in the final appearance of the building.

  • the reconstruction of the sewers, including the construction of well holes and of a distribution chamber
  • the excavation of a small profile and  the reconstruction of the sewer
  • the partial demolition and the renovation of the new bridge, installation of a new water main into the bridge structure
  • the relocation and the restoration of the utilities
  • uncovering and exploring the historic construction of the medieval bridge and its related historical buildings
  • concreting the new bridge structure and the walls to protect and secure the medieval monument
  • roads and paved areas
  • modifications to the final appearance in order to recall the historical character of this place