Sewerage collector H – extension to Běchovice, phase 0001 sewer H1
The Shaft beneath Vídeňská Street

Client: PREdistribuce, a.s.

Completion 2014

In the premises of the substation there are 2 branches of cable channels with lengths of 71.6 m and 72.5 m that lead to the actual building where the 22kV substation is located, specifically to the posts and overhead lines of the 110kV substation. Their cross-sections are rectangular and their dimensions are respectively 1800x2200mm and 1600x1800mm.
In the substation premises 2 shafts (S24 and S25) have been designed with openings for installation and for escaping. The shafts are constructed from monolithic concrete. For servicing the channels the existing road in the TR West will be widened.

Basic construction data

  • The total axial length of the structure (including the shafts) is: 71,6 + 72,5 m = 144,1 m
  • Overburden thickness: 0,7 – 2,1 m
  • Depth at which the cable channels are laid: 3,2 – 4,7 m
  • Longitudinal slope: 1,1 – 4,5 %