Construction of the Nocturnarium Exhibition in the underground of the ZOO and Botanical Garden of the City of Pilsen

Client: NAVATYP a.s.

Completion 2008

The construction represents part of a strategic energy interconnection between the 110/22 kV Karlov and the 110/22 kV Smíchov substations, based on classical tunnelling through sandy-clay loam, and in slightly loamy sands, without blasting. The makeshift tunnel structure is implemented by means of mine supports and also by bracing with shotcrete, while the final lining is reinforced by utilising crystallisation paint. The construction also comprises a utility room and two shafts.

Length of the tunnel 265 m, Shaft K34 3.6×4.3 m, depth 14.5 m, Shaft K33  Ø 3.6m, depth 9.45 m, VK2 2.8×2.8 m, depth 12.4 m