Waste water pump station Vinoř Štěpánská, Prague 9
NKP SZ Hluboká nad Vltavou – interior rehabilitation

Client: PVS a.s.

Completion: 2017

Construction of a new unified gravitational sewerage system in streets Mokřanská, Běžná, K Háječku, Středová, Do Vršku, U Hřiště, Plošná, Celná and Bolinská. The construction is done in open excavation with bulkheads. Exception is a section at connection of sewer B to the existing sewer in the street Rabakovská. At this stage, because of the height and space, works are done by tunnelling. The tunnel section has a total length of 6 m. Sewerage system is designed and made out of stoneware tubes DN 300, 400 and 500 mm, with a C connection system and higher strength. On the sewers will be installed prefabricated shafts with prefabricated bottoms approval for this site by operator and investor.