Safety and barrier-free pavements in Hovorčovice

Extension of Elementary School Beroun – Závodí
Sewerage and WWTP extension Zdiby

Client: Municipality Hovorčovice

Completion: 2019

Phase I: The project solves reconstruction of existing sidewalks along both sides of the third class road III/2438. Pedestrian crossings will be newly illuminated on both sides by transient lights. The project calculates controlled passages for the transverse storage of VO cables. Existing drainage is preserved and complemented by new inlets, including drainage treatment by open trenches at the place of recessed stops.

Phase II .: This phase of project solves reconstruction of existing sidewalks and the wider reconstruction, including the extension of the existing two fully embedded non-traffic stops in U Kostela Street. Walkways are located along both sides of road III/2438.