D35 Opatovice – Časy (Bridges – SO 213,214,224)
Group water supply microregion CHOPOS

Client: Pražská vodohospodářská společnost a.s.

Completion: 2021

The subject of the project is the reconstruction of the existing control and monitoring system of the technological process, remote monitoring of the reconstructed building and the new Novodvorská filling station from the central control room of PVK in Flora.

The project includes:

– supply and completion of measuring circuits, ie sensors and their transducers and evaluation units, including surge protectors, power supply and fuses,

– PLC1 programmable controller in DT1 switchboard cabinet, including equipment, surge protectors, UPS backup power supply

– cabling from DT1 switchboard to sensors, converters and evaluation units for analog and digital signals incl. cables for powering converters,

– cabling from DT1 switchboard to motor switchboards,

– all PLC1 software,

– SW and SCADA modifications in the PVK Flora central control room