Reconstruction of the sewer system and renewal of water lines, Za Strahovem street and surroundings, Prague 6

Otický Ditch
Sewer System Construction III – Regions 10 and 11

Client: Pražská vodohospodářská společnost, a.s.

Completion 2009

Part of the work included renewal of water lines and construction of public sections of water supply system connections. The work also included building and reconstruction of sewer systems and building public sections of sewer system connections. Construction of part of the sewer systems was carried out in a mining fashion via tunnel.

Water Supply Systems

TLT DN 100 1115 m
TLT DN 150 69 m
water supply system connections 303.9 m

Sewer System

KT DN 300 275 m
sewer system connections 117 m
bored tunnel 133 m