Reconstruction of a Sport Hall Dobříš
Holasovice flood protection

Client: Benešov City

Completion: 2021

This is a newly built parking house in Nádražní Street with a built-up area of ​​2,073 m2. The parking house has 4 levels of parking areas with 185 parking spaces and boxes for storing 48 bicycles. The load-bearing structure is a prefabricated skeleton with a basic transverse system with a span of about 17 m.

The facade of the parking house is closed by a solid wall of reinforced concrete panels on 3 sides (north, west and south), on the east side to Nádražní street is designed open facade  of Carlstahl steel nets, used to ventilate the parking house. Part of the facade is designed as a green facade of climbing plants on steel nets.