Group water supply microregion CHOPOS
Apartment building Na Groši II – Hostivař, Praha 10

Client: Water supply and sewerage Mladá Boleslav a.s.

Completion: 2021

The built sewer will be used to drain sewage from the village of Horní Stakory and the settlement of Chaloupky to the existing sewer in Mladá Boleslav. All sewage from the village of Horní Stakory will be drained to a pumping station, from where it will then be drained through the settlement of Chaloupka by a field road to the gravity unified sewer system of the town of Mladá Boleslav, which passes in the ŠKODA AUTO a.s. The wastewater network of Mladá Boleslav will transport wastewater to the municipal wastewater treatment plant Mladá Boleslav I. – Neuberk, where it will be treated. The Chaloupky settlement will be drained by its own gravity sewer, which will end in a pumping station. The discharge from this MS will lead to the discharge from Horní Stakory.