Reconstruction and intensification of WWTP and capacitating of sewerage supply in Velké Přílepy
Dolní Břežany – Extending and reconstruction of the water supply network and of the water reservoir

Client: Lesy České republiky, s.p.

Completion 2015

Increase of flood protection in town Nový Jičín – part Zilina. As a part of proposed arrangement were constructed concrete embankment walls along the watercourse Jičínka in section km 10.960 – 11.167 and km 11.233 – 11.397 on the left bank and km 11.074 – 11.147 and 11.252 – 11.362 on the right bank. Designed flow of solved section was set to Q50 = 89.20 m3 / s. Finishing embankment walls were made using matric technology.