III/0066 Hostouň – reconstruction of bridge no. 0066-3

Bridge at Opatovice nad Labe
II/280 Březno – crossroad with III/2805

Client: KSÚS Středočeského kraje

Completion: 2015

Demolition of original steel-concrete bridge deck. Adjusting communications of category S7,5 on the bridge and its surroundings with a total area of 130 m2, making structural layers, mattress layers ACL 16+ and 11+ ACO surfacing (bitumen – asphalt concrete). Construction of bridge no. 0066-3 with a supporting structure consisting of a monolithic reinforced concrete slab with one field with a span of 2,9 m frame joint with monolithic frame uprights. Total length of the supporting construction is 3,2 m (measured in the axis of the road).