Reconstruction gas station Novodvorská, Praha 4
Sewerage of municipalities in the basin Jizera river – part C

Client: Microregion CHOPOS

Completion: 2021

The subject of the construction is the construction of the CHOPOS group water supply system. The source for the group water supply is a gallery feeder from Želivka. Using submersible pumps, the water will be pumped through a discharge pipe into the main reservoir of the group water supply. It will gravitationally supply the municipalities with drinking water. Furthermore, water from water reservoir Teplýšovice will be transferred to the existing Tatouňovice reservoir, which is used to supply other municipalities. An automatic pressure station will be installed in the Čeňovice supply line from the Teplýšovice reservoir, which will ensure the transport of water and at the same time enable the filling of existing reservoirs. Part of the project is the construction of switchboards in municipalities and local areas.