The WWTP Domažlice, A Clean Berounka River – Stage II, Sub-project D
Enhancing the Capacity of the Barrandov Interceptor

Client: Povodí Vltavy, a State Enterprise

Completion 2013

This represents a set of construction and technological measures that are designed to protect the Svrčovec site in the Pilsen Region from the consequences of the flooding of the Úhlava River. The project comprises two main building units, the first of which includes the implementation of a homogeneous poured earth dam of a trapezoidal shape for the protection of the area along the river, together with a 0.4 m thick protective concrete wall, dilated after each 12 m.

The second essential structural measure is to implement a furrow – which is implemented in the form of a large, shallow trapezoidal trough with a very slight slope of 1:8 and a width at the bottom of 23.7 m. The furrow will be utilised only in the event of flood conditions at which time it will direct water to the already implemented inundation bridge.

To complete the project’s construction measures also involved the provision of a mobile pumping station. The pump unit comprises a high-performance pump with its own diesel engine with an output of 37 kW/2100 rpm, on an unbraked chassis, with a maximum flow rate of 300 l/s.