Apartment building Javorová čtvrť C
Safety and barrier-free pavements in Hovorčovice

Client: Municipality Beroun

Completion: 2020

On 24. 9. 2018 we had the honour to tap the foundation stone of the new building “Extension – Elementary school Beroun – Závodí”, which we are starting to build in cooperation with company METROSTAV a.s.

Elementary school building is a three-storey building with two floors and one underground floor of rectangular character with a flat green roof.

The annex has a reinforced concrete support system filled with ceramic blocks and insulated with mineral insulation. A colourful façade solution distinguishes the new and existing parts of the building. The escape stairs are designed with an extruded sheath. With existing buildings, the old windows will be replaced and the thermal insulation will be thermal insulated.