Flood Control Measures at the Svrčovec Site
Flood Control Measures in Předenice

Client: Pražská vodohospodářská společnost, a.s.

Completion 2013

The partial removal of the existing DN 1200 brick sewer and its re-excavation and enhancing the capacity to the 1200/2700 profile. Reconstructing the existing connecting chamber including lining it with acid resistant bricks. The construction of iron concrete structures, the rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures that had been exposed to the effects of aggressive water and weather conditions, the ventilation and the protection of the brick sewer duct with basalt bricks and the reconstruction of a well hole shaft with a depth of 11 m. The excavation of a tunnel in a 13 m2 profile, filling the tunnel with 300 m3 of ash-concrete suspension, the excavation of a shaft in a 20 m2 profile and of a shaft for the reconstruction of the connecting chamber in a 25 m2 profile. Sheeting of shafts was carried out using the frames with the 1240 profile and a collar frame with the 300 profile to a depth of 7 and 9 m.