Dolní Břežany – Extending and reconstruction of the water supply network and of the water reservoir

Jičínka km 10,950 – 11,400
The Reconstruction and Modernisation of the Water Treatment Plant in Pilsen

Client: The Municipality of Dolní Břežany

Completion: 2014

The construction of a 750 m³ water-tower, including other related structures – i.e. paved areas, fencing, landscaping, connecting piping and a LV connection. The reconstruction of the water supply conduit that runs from the Safina Vestec Pumping Station to the Hodkovice Water Reservoir – TLT DN 300 with a total length of 1744 m also including the valve shafts.

The construction of a new water supply conduit to the water reservoir – PE DN 200 with a total length of 948 m. The construction of connecting facilities for the Hodkovice Water Reservoir: i.e. a new valve shaft, connecting piping, adjustment to the wiring and the M+R equipment, reconstruction of the drainage for the valve shafts.