Construction of the Nocturnarium Exhibition in the underground of the ZOO and Botanical Garden of the City of Pilsen

Construction of the SLÁVIA Cable Tunnel (SŽDC – Slávia section)
Smíchov Cable Tunnel (including Jet Grouting)

Client: Zoologická a botanická zahrada města Plzně, příspěvková organizace

Completion 2012

The task is the complete reconstruction of the existing underground space of a mined adit in sandstone, including new buildings in the Zoological and Botanical Garden of the City of Pilsen. The renovation comprises the construction of a brick entrance structure with a gable roof – for a museum, and of a monolithic concrete retaining wall with a volume of 289 m3, including grouting to reinforce the rocks and additional construction works. At the very underground space the pre-existing brick-lined space was reconstructed and a further expansion of the corridors was implemented by excavating the sandstone in order to be able to include individual displays there. Its stability was ensured by the use of mine supports and wire mesh coated with concrete – gunite – and also new brick retention walls. An important feature of the new equipment was that it also included an underground heating-system together with air-conditioning that is unattended and is regulated on the basis of measuring the meteorological variables, the air velocity and the detection of gases (CO, CO2 and NH4). Four interior display complexes for animals, that also include both artificial stalactites and rocks, were created in the underground part of the building.