Charles University Congress Hall reconstruction

In August 2018 we have launched new project – Reconstruction of the Congress Hall at Charles University. Subject of the contract is a reconstruction of the […]

1st floor – Javorová čtvrť – phase C

In October 2018 the monolithic skeleton of the building Javorová čtvrť reached above the level of terrain. The building has basement in one whole underground floor (used […]

Unique wall paintings and altar in Strakonice

At the end of 2018 a unique baroque paintings from the 18th century and very valuable altar was found on our construction called “Renovation of Selected […]

Job Fair at Czech Technical University

On 9.4.2019 we took part in Job Fair at Czech Technical University. We hope we attracted some young minds and we will welcome them our team.

Ceremonial opening at Elementary School Kněžmost

On the first day of school we attended the ceremonial opening of the new building at Kněžmost Elementary School, which we built together with ELEKTRO-HAJZLER Group […]

Elementary School Šimanovská completion

On 2.9.2019 we handed over to the client a building called “Extension with a gym for the Elementary school Šimanovská”. The building is divided into a […]

Hradební sewer – launching the beast

On 14.10.2019 our “beast” bit into the first meter of Hradební sewerat Florence. In the following few months, she overcome more than fifty meters to the […]

End of construction WWTP Jabkenice

At the end of April 2020 company POHL cz, a.s. finished the works of reconstruction and intensification of the Jabkenice WWTP. Part of the project was […]

DRONET in Pilsen

The company POHL cz, a.s., as a partner in joint venture with the company Geosan group, a.s., is implementing a modern robotic center in Pilsen at […]

New support at Karlín

At the beginning of June 2020, POHL cz, a.s. launched its new suport into the depths of KT Karlín…ALPINE MINER AM 50 machine. Lowering to a […]

Extension of Elementary school Beroun – Závodí

At the beginning of September 2020 company POHL cz, a.s., in cooperation with Metrostav, a.s. completed the extension of the Beroun – Závodí elementary school. The […]

Digged tunnel at Karlín

On November 30, 2020, our helper (ALPINE MINER AM50), under the guidance of our experienced colleagues, managed to bite through a tunnel of more than 209 […]