The Revitalisation of the Historic Centre of the Town of Slaný

The Reconstruction of the Niederle Pavilion in Kladno District Hospital
Ušovický Stream – Mariánské Lázně, River km 5.00 to 6.31 – repairs and adjustments

Client: 2011

The Municipality of Slaný

POHL cz, a.s. construction company participated in the Building of the Year competition for the Středočeský Region in 2012, entering the completed structure “Revitalisation of the Historical Centre of the City of Slaný”. On 30 May 2012 the nominated building project was awarded the title of 2012 Building of the Year for the Středočeský Region on the basis of jury review. The author of the proposal for the architectural solution was Prof. Ing. arch. Jaroslav Sýkora, DrSc., the project manager was Ing. Jan Mrzílek, and the chief builder was Ing. Karel Biskup.