Extension of Elementary school Beroun – Závodí

At the beginning of September 2020 company POHL cz, a.s., in cooperation with Metrostav, a.s. completed the extension of the Beroun – Závodí elementary school. The […]

New support at Karlín

At the beginning of June 2020, POHL cz, a.s. launched its new suport into the depths of KT Karlín…ALPINE MINER AM 50 machine. Lowering to a […]

DRONET in Pilsen

The company POHL cz, a.s., as a partner in joint venture with the company Geosan group, a.s., is implementing a modern robotic center in Pilsen at […]

POHL cz, a.s.

Welcome to the POHL cz, a.s. Company's website. To start with I would like to briefly acquaint you with the history, the present and our vision of the future of our Company.

Ing. Petr Pohl


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  • Dry retention reservoir Loděnice

    Client: Povodí Odry, státní podnik Completion: 2018 Realization of a dry retention reservoir to reduce flood flows and conveyance and protect the area of Holasovice village and […]
  • Cable tunnel Karlín, phase J33 – J34

    Client: PREdistribuce, a.s. Completion: 2021 New construction which will be used to lead 110 kV and 22 kV cables from the TR Karlín substation to the […]
  • The Boiler Plant in Úterý

    Client: ČKD PRAHA DIZ, a.s. Completion 2010 This is a hot-water boiler plant with an output of Qk = 500 kW. The building where the boiler […]
  • Technology park DRONET

    Client: Pilsen Municipality Completion: 2021 Company POHL cz, a.s. as a partner in the joint venture will construct in next two years a modern robotic center […]
  • Reconstruction of bridge in the area of WWTP Pilsen

    Client: Vodárna Plzeň Completion: 2018 The subject of the contraction was the reconstruction of the two-pole steel bridge, each with a span of 66.0 m. The […]
  • Elementary school Dobříš reconstruction

    Client: City Dobříš Completion: 2018 Company POHL cz, a.s. in cooperation with company TREPART s.r.o. finished a reconstruction of elementary school in Dobríš. Primarily it was […]
  • Reconstruction of elementary school Čechovice

    Client: Municipality Čachovice Completion: 2021 Subject of the contract is a reconstruction and construction of a new part of the elementary school in Čachovice. The aim […]
  • Reconstruction of Strakonice Castle

    Client: Muzeum středního Pootaví Strakonice Completion: 2021 The subject of this contract is the execution of reconstruction and restoration works on stone elements and paintings on […]

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