Digged tunnel at Karlín

On November 30, 2020, our helper (ALPINE MINER AM50), under the guidance of our experienced colleagues, managed to bite through a tunnel of more than 209 […]

Extension of Elementary school Beroun – Závodí

At the beginning of September 2020 company POHL cz, a.s., in cooperation with Metrostav, a.s. completed the extension of the Beroun – Závodí elementary school. The […]

New support at Karlín

At the beginning of June 2020, POHL cz, a.s. launched its new suport into the depths of KT Karlín…ALPINE MINER AM 50 machine. Lowering to a […]

POHL cz, a.s.

Welcome to the POHL cz, a.s. Company's website. To start with I would like to briefly acquaint you with the history, the present and our vision of the future of our Company.

Ing. Petr Pohl


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  • Construction and superstructure of elementary school in Hovorčovice

    Client: City Hovorčovice Completion: 2017 In October 2016 company POHL cz, a.s. began new construction of elementary school in city Hovorčovice. End of the works is […]
  • Elementary school Šimanovská extension

    Client: City part Prague 14 Completion: 2019 The extension of the elementary school is situated in the courtyard, immediately adjoining the existing building of the school […]
  • Reconstruction of Strakonice Castle

    Client: Muzeum středního Pootaví Strakonice Completion: 2021 The subject of this contract is the execution of reconstruction and restoration works on stone elements and paintings on […]
  • Reconstruction of Vikárka objects

    Client: Prague Castle Administration Completion: 2021 The contract consists of two parts – Facade and roof repair of buildings no. 37 and 40 and Building modifications […]
  • Congeress hall reconstruction

    Client: Charles University, FACULTY OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT Completion: 2019 Subject of the contract was a reconstruction of the lecture hall and its reconstruction into a […]
  • Building for residual technologies CETIN

    Client: CENTRAL GROUP Completion: 2020 The underground reinforced concrete structure of the residual technologies building has the shape of a block with basic dimensions of 26.4 […]
  • Mud Removal from the Babylon Pond

    Client: The Municipality of Domažlice Completion 2011 The construction, the installation, the craft-work and the supplies associated with the removal of sediment from the flood area […]
  • Chotíkov – The Reconstruction of Local Roads (additional construction works)

    Client: Obec Chotíkov Completion 2012 This represents the reconstruction of asphalt roads, with a total area of 6950 m2, located in the Municipality of Chotíkov. The […]

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